Phentermine Capsules – why you can only buy it with prescription

Unlike most other diet pills, Phentermine capsules have been proven to work very effectively in the short term to help people control their appetite and burn extra calories. However, Phentermine capsules are available only through a prescription. Why? There are three critical reasons.

Phentermine is addictive
The first reason is that Phentermine is a psycho stimulant that is similar to amphetamine and, because of that, Phentermine is potentially addictive. So, Phentermine is highly controlled and regulated in the United States. It is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure that he isn’t prescribing Phentermine to someone with a history of drug and/or alcohol dependency.

Sine Phentermine is such a strong drug, it has been classified, along with drugs like Xanax and Valium, as a schedule 4 drug. This means that it is tightly controlled and strictly regulated.

The second reason that Phentermine capsules are only available through a prescription is because of its powerful proprietary blend of pharmaceuticals. There are many people who are not good candidates for a Phentermine prescription and, in fact, could be further jeopardizing their health by taking Phentermine capsules. So, in order to confirm that taking Phentermine won’t pose an unnecessary risk to someone, a doctor must conduct a complete physical and thoroughly review the person’s medical history before writing the prescription.

During the physical, part of the doctor’s duties will be to explain in detail the possible health risks associated with taking Phentermine capsules, and if the patient is deemed not to be a good candidate for the prescription, his or her doctor will explain why. Here is a partial list of those who are not considered to be good candidates for a Phentermine prescription.

• Diabetics
• Glaucoma patients
• Anyone with a blood disorder
• Anyone suffering from hypertension
• Those who have hyperthyroidism
• Any woman who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant

For those who are approved for a Phentermine prescription, the doctor will only prescribe it for a maximum of 12 weeks, and he will prescribe the lowest dosage that he deems will work. Why? Phentermine’s side effects, including its potential for addiction, make it a drug that can be potentially dangerous to take for the long term.

Today Phentermine and weight loss go hand to hand. When people talk about phentermine it always relates to rapid weight loss. But you always need to be familiar with potential side effects.

Side Effects
The third reason that a prescription is required for a Phentermine prescription is because, prior to issuing the prescription, the physician will explain in detail all of the side effects associated with Phentermine use. Since the side effects are potentially very serious, the doctor must be sure the patient understands. That way, the person who is asking for the prescription can make an informed decision about his or her health.

Though the doctor will provide any patient with a more thorough explanation of Phentermine’s side effects, here is a partial list:

• Anger and violence
• Overactive reflexes
• Irregular heartbeat
• Hallucinations
• Inability to think, speak and walk correctly
• Impotence
• Vomiting
• Numbness of the extremities
• Uncontrolled trembling
• Blurred vision
• Trouble breathing
• Swelling of extremities

Some doctors find that, after they review a person’s medical history and perform the physical, a patient who otherwise qualifies for the prescription will decline a Phentermine prescription after all, citing the serious side effects associated with its use.

Powerful Alternative
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PhenObestin is an all Pharmaceutical weight loss aid, like Phentermine – also known as Adipex, which means that it contains no herbs. PhenObestin is comprised of the highest quality GMP pharmaceuticals that can are available without a prescription, and it works just as effectively as prescription Phentermine capsules.

PhenObestin is available in the same maximum strength 37.5mg capsules as the highest dosage of Phentermine, but PhenObestin does not come with all of the severe side effects. In fact, PhenObestin is side effect free, which means that, unlike with Phentermine’s 12 week limit, PhenObestin can be taken for as long as needed. PhenObestin can also be ordered online! Avoid the hassle of a drawn out physical and the trouble of dealing with serious side effects, and try PhenObestin. It’s the equally powerful equivalent to Phentermine, and it’s available without a prescription.